Growing Family? Rent A Tent And Move Your Christmas Party Outside!


Has your Christmas party outgrown your home? Does the family struggle to find enough space to really enjoy themselves for the yearly family gathering? If so, don't cancel your plans, and don't try fighting someone else to host it – it's time to move your indoor Christmas party out into winter's wonderland. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you make a party tent rental more festive, warm, and comfortable for your family's big Christmas this year.

The Tent

The tent that you rent must have all sides enclosed with a sealed door. When you call to reserve the tent, make sure that you make it known what you plan on doing with it – that you'll be heating it to host an outdoor, indoor Christmas party. This way, they can set you up with a tent equipped for what you need – not all tents are equipped with the exhaust flap that's needed to use some heating appliances inside. 

The Floor

Of course, you're going to need to cover the cold, hard ground, so you'll also need to rent a floor for the tent – this is unless you have a large, clear paved area that's not covered in snow and ice at that point in the year. To be safe, and to keep things as warm as possible, renting a floor for the tent is by far the best option – it won't be as cold to sit on, and you know the kids and some adults will want to spend time sitting on the ground opening gifts and playing with new toys.

The Heating System

If you have heaters, like kerosene, propane, or electric-powered ones, you may be able to pull together enough heat to keep the tent warm, but to make sure, you can talk with the tent rental agency about the heater that you'll need to keep everyone comfortable. There are different sizes that'll work with different size tents at different temperature levels – the rental company will know what you need.

The Decorations

Put up a tree, hang some holly, and string up the tinsel – have some of your closest friends and family over the night before the party to enjoy some eggnog and decorate the tent for the party. Do everything that you'd normally do indoors – maybe even enlist a couple heavy-lifters to move a sofa or two for the elderly members of the family.

Your family growing is a great thing – don't let the size of your home prevent your family from gathering and celebrating the most special holiday of the year.


21 October 2019

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