3 College Campus Event Ideas That Help Out The Local Community


According to the founding director of the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, Alexander Astin, student involvement in outside-of-the-classroom events positively affects their learning and development. These activities help build the "whole" student and affect students' emotional, intellectual, inter-personal, and social development.

In addition, college campus events aid in student retention by giving students on budgets free activities to enjoy and building a strong sense of community throughout the campus.

While there are may types of college campus events that your students will appreciate, about 80 percent of college students have expressed the desire online to help promote positive change in the world and within their communities.

Read on to learn three college campus event ideas that can satisfy your students' desires to help others while allowing the local community to reap the benefits of their help.

1. Arrange for Students to Tutor Local Schoolchildren

If your college campus is located close to one or more elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools, then allowing your students the opportunity to tutor local students can be a very rewarding experience for both your students and the younger students they help.

The mathematics, science, and reading skills of students in American K-12 schools are still lagging behind those of students in many other countries, and your students can help these younger students comprehend and excel in these subjects by simply giving them a helping hand during an organized tutoring event.

This is a great college campus event to conduct on a regular basis and not just once during the school year. Your students will enjoy building relationships with these local students and finding out just how their tutoring sessions are helping these young students raise their grades in these subjects and others throughout each school year.

2. Host an Animal Adoption Event

About 6.5 million pets enter animal shelters in the United States on an average year. Unfortunately, not all of these pets get "second chances" and are adopted into new forever homes. However, your students can help many pets living in local shelters find their forever homes by participating in an animal adoption event that your college organizes.

To coordinate an animal adoption event, first get in touch with local animal shelters to see which ones would like to partner with your school during an event. Once you reach an agreement with one or more local shelters, set a date for the event and begin advertising the adoption event to the local community. Advertising can consist of simple flyers that your students design and posting frequently about the upcoming adoption event on your college website and social media pages.

It can help to create a fun theme for your event and be ready to have beverages on hand to hand out to prospective new pet parents if weather is warm. In addition, your students can create bandanas to "dress up" the shelter animals with.

On the day of the event, assign a small group of students to each adoptable pet and have them create a fun pet bio to distribute to potential adoptive pet parents. Don't worry about having to deal with too much adoption paperwork. Typically, adoption event visitors who are interested in adopting new pets fill out some basic paperwork that is then passed along to the animal shelter directors who then perform the tail end of the adoption process.

3. Coordinate Regular Soup Kitchen or Food Bank Volunteer Efforts

Almost every city in the United States has a soup kitchen and/or food bank nearby. However, many college students lack the transportation to travel to these facilities to help the needy satisfy the nutritional needs of the local needy population. An easy college event to organize is a group visit to a nearby soup kitchen or food bank. This event requires little planning other than advertising within the college that students will be bused on specific dates to help out at these facilities.

Your students will feel a great sense of reward after helping the local needy in the community fulfill their nutritional needs, and the local facilities will be appreciative of the extra help, since these facilities typically rely on many volunteers to help them keep their overhead costs down.

If you are in charge of coordinating your college's campus events, then realize that many students would like more opportunities to help others. Consider these three college campus event ideas that help out the local community and ask your students if they have other ideas about how your college can help the local community even further.


30 November 2017

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