Why Bourbon Street Should Be On Everyone's Bucket List Of Places To Visit


Are you a person who likes to travel? Perhaps you have visited various places in your state and neighboring states, and you now want to broaden your horizons. If you are looking for an intriguing place to visit that has a party scene as well as beautiful scenery that is fit for families, then Bourbon Street is a good area of the nation to put on your "bucket list" of places to visit. The following points will help you to understand the many things you can do there:


You will find that the area has many food offerings. You may find that some of your favorites, such as Po'Boy sandwiches, etouffee, or fondue taste better than the ones you get in your local area. There are many places to sample free food, and much of what you will find are Cajun and Creole selections, as well as an abundance of seafood.


Perhaps you love jazz. Imagine jamming in the street to the beat like nobody is watching. This is entirely possible, and if you are shy, there are numerous vendors who sell masks, so you can remain anonymous if that is your desire. 


Bars and various restaurants serve up drinks that are indigenous to the area. Your vacation will be a perfect time to try some new cocktails such as a Sazerac, Hurricane, or Cafe Brulot. 


You will find that are numerous tour opportunities to travel in the nearby area of Bourbon Street. You may want to consider visiting historic landmarks. There are also historic buildings in the area that display the amazing architecture. If you are a fan of shopping, you will find that there are many shops that sell everything from souvenirs to clothes that you can wear while you are on vacation.


Numerous festivals take place in the area each year. Among the most recognized is Mardi Gras, but you will find that there are various other festivals that are held to in honor of well-known individuals who are now deceased as well as in honor of a city that has a rich history. 

If you decide to travel to the area for a special occasion such as a bachelorette party, there are party planners who can be used as a resource. They can assist with ensuring the foods and entertainment you desire are provided. They can also make accommodations and book a venue based upon your specifications. For example, you might want to host your event as a Bourbon Street balcony party.

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7 July 2017

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