Host A Talent Show At Your Child's Birthday Party


If you would like to host a talent show at your child's birthday party for them, their friends, and family members to enjoy, the following tips will assist with planning an event that is suitable for guests of all ages and that will provide everyone in attendance with fond memories. 

Create A Stage And Viewing Area Under A Canopy

Erect a canopy on a flat surface in the back of your yard. Adorn the canopy with colorful lights or streamers to provide the area where the talent show will be held with a festive appearance. Lay a few pallets, side by side, underneath the canopy. Rent tables and chairs from a party supplier, like Party People Rentals & Sales, and create a dining and viewing area with the furniture for attendees to relax while enjoying the show.

If you will be serving appetizers and beverages throughout the event, everyone will appreciate that they can satiate their hunger and thirst while watching performers or waiting for their turn to 'wow' the guests with their unique talents. 

Prepare A List Of Participants And Announce The Names In Style

Before mailing or handing out invitations to the birthday party, write information about the talent show on each one so that guests will bring along props, clothing, or musical selections that will enhance their acts. Upon the arrival of each guest, inquire if they would like to be added to the list of participants in the contest. If so, write their name on a dry erase board. 

Once everyone has arrived and is seated, put on a dark-colored cloak and top hat. Stand on the makeshift stage and with the help of a microphone, announce the name of the first person who will be performing. Once the individual has finished their turn, follow suit by stating the other names of the participants in the same manner. 

Award Winners With Age Appropriate Prizes

Prior to the party, purchase several prizes that you would like to award after the talent show. Consider the age of the invitees and buy enough items to give to the winners of each age group. For instance, purchase stuffed animals, board games, sports balls, or art kits for younger guests. Purchase gift certificates, t-shirts, home decor, or stationery for older guests. Once the talent show has ended, walk back up to the stage to announce the winners and to award each of them with one of the items that you have purchased. 


14 June 2017

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